Scienceworks and the Melbourne Planetarium

Scienceworks is a museum filled with all sorts of science related concepts presented in an engaging, interactive and easy to understand manner.  As a child I loved visiting the Science Museum part of Melbourne Museum – and Scienceworks really taps into the whole learning through play philosophy… I am a big fan.

When: Daily from 10am – 4.30pm, except Good Friday and Christmas Day

Where: Scienceworks Museum and Melbourne Planetarium, 2 Booker Street, Spotswood. Click here for map.

Cost:  Adults $10, children FREE, members FREE.  Click here for more information.



Scienceworks is extensive – and for younger children I would advise not attempting to see everything in one day as there really is a lot of ground to cover.  In the last 12 months we have been three times and I still feel like we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.  And if your family is anything like ours – your return visit/s will also require returning to the favorites from last time, add to that the temporary exhibitions changing (every 6-12 months), different daily events and a program of other events – no one visit can be the same.

Downstairs is a mixture of temporary and permanent exhibitions that appeal to all ages.  Upstairs is the Nitty Gritty Super City – specific to 3 to 8 year olds.  This is a must visit for us every time (see photos above).

Then there is the outside area (cafe, grassy space, playgrounds), the Planetarium and then the pump station and lightening room – both of which we are yet to visit.

The Planetarium is a great thing to add onto a visit – there are a number of different shows during the day, suitable for most ages.  Sit back in a comfy chair for 45 minutes and take a journey into space, check out the southern sky for the night ahead and test your knowledge of the local constellations – after a visit in the museum the kids are usually pretty happy to kick back for some quiet time.

Every day at Scienceworks is different – when you enter at the front door you will be passed a sheet outlining the demonstrations, exhibitions and shows happening on the day.  This information is also available online, so if you want to plan your day in advance, click here.


If you’re looking for a coffee outside of Scienceworks, local friends pointed us to The Duchess of Spotswood, 87 Hudsons Road (click here for map).  The babychinos were generous, and parking is available on the street right outside – and the coffee worth mentioning.