So Frenchy So Chic in the park

Think cool tunes, classic French style, beautiful gardens, gourmet foods, a dash of whimsy, plenty of joy and that sums up a day in the grounds of Werribee Park Mansion soaking up the beautiful atmosphere that is So Frenchy So Chic.

When: 13 Jan 2019 (or 19 Jan in Sydney)

Where: Werribee Park Mansion

Cost: Children under 12 are FREE, accompanied by adult – adult early bird $75, book your tickets now

If you’ve never been to So Frenchy So Chic, and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, have a look at my photo’s and you can read a few of my thoughts below.  Short story is – it’s a beautiful day out.  Pack a picnic (with games, blankets, drinks and food) and relax under the shade of the trees listening to the music wafting through the gardens.So Frenchy So Chic 2016

So Frenchy So Chic 2016So Frenchy So Chic 2016

Our 2016 experience was on a stunning summer’s day – possibly verging on too hot.  We retreated into the gardens and enjoyed the shade of the amazing trees – there is plenty of space to spread out.  The boys made friends (turned out their friend’s dad was someone I used to work with – small world) and played cricket for hours – the two girls linked arms and went exploring.  My friend and I followed them for a little while – watching them get hair braids and macaroon shopping – as we reminisced about our own friendship at that age.  The gardens are generous – but not so big that you can get lost or wander off for ages (although I wouldn’t apply that logic to a preschooler), so we gave the kids some freedom as long as they stuck together and returned to our picnic spot regularly to report in.So Frenchy So Chic 2016 So Frenchy So Chic 2016

While the crowd was definitely hip and young – there were also loads of families mixing it up, as well as a few oldies too; so it was a very friendly crowd.  The keen ones (who were there for the music) had arrived early and set up camp on the main lawn.  While I enjoyed the live music (especially on a big festival sized stage) I equally enjoyed the atmosphere and the pace of the day and being in the gardens.  We were in no rush to be anywhere – and other than hungry children occasionally demanding food, the day was really very chilled.  I even bumped into some people I knew – and I could easily imagine any of my friends having a lovely day out.So Frenchy So Chic 2016 So Frenchy So Chic 2016 So Frenchy So Chic 2016

We arrived at about 11am and headed for home at 5.30pm – the live acts performing go on until about 8pm, so I can imagine sans kids it would be quite fun to kick up the heels, enjoy more than one glass of champagne and do a bit more dancing.  I guess the only risk with an outdoor event would be if the weather was freakishly awful – but mid-January in Melbourne is relatively safe (unlike mid-October!).So Frenchy So Chic 2016 So Frenchy So Chic 2016 So Frenchy So Chic 2016So Frenchy So Chic 2016 So Frenchy So Chic 2016

I’d love to go again in 2017 – so friends if you are reading this and planning on going, let me know!

Disclaimer:  Meetoo was invited as media to this event, all views are my own