halloween spooky activites

Halloween spooky activities (no sugar required)

If you’re looking to get into the spirit of Halloween but are trying to avoid the sugar high – we tested out some spooky activities at home in the name of research (you can tell the kids had an awful time – said no one ever).

I am not a mum who is terribly organised when it comes to crafting and creating at home – it’s not that I can’t do it… it’s just that life is busy and I am very guilty of not taking a day to just do creative things at home with the kids.

So when I floated the idea of checking out some Halloween activities and then having a go at doing them ourselves it was met with great enthusiasm… we even got dressed up for the occasion (I forgot to get into the camera frame – but I had a witches outfit on, my face painted green and about 5 big black moles Immi drew on my face… it was a great look – and, if I am totally honest, a little itchy… what do they put in that stuff?).

For this post, I asked my crafty/creative bloggy friends to help me out with their best Halloween posts (you can find the links at the bottom).  We would have loved to have done them all… but a trip to Spotlight and the hair, makeup and set design alone took half the day.  So we were left with enough time to test out two activities before I needed to get the green facepaint off before our friends arrived for dinner (and that $3 facepaint was also starting to eat my face off… who needs to pay hundreds for a chemical peel!?).

First up is a craft activity the kids really enjoyed – and they are super proud of the outcome.  If you’d like to check out the full tutorial visit Coloured Buttons for the details.

Our second activity was a very quick and easy one – but quite exciting!  It was a Bubbling Brew (you can find the full tutorial on The Craft Train).

If you’re looking for some other Halloween ideas check out:

This blog post came about as a result of Meetoo being a Carnival Halloween Ambassador.