Still Awake Still – fabulous musical nonsense

Well we’ve loved the story book for many years (I’m Still Awake Still) and if you are expecting the show to be a faithful transformation of book to stage then think again – this is in fact a celebration of the fabulous songs (words by Elizabeth Honey, music Sue Johnson, Coco’s Lunch) that are sprinkled throughout the book, in an attempt to help little Fiddy find the all allusive sleep…

In the case of the “Still Awake Still” production we, the audience, are presented with the utterly fabulous Miss Twinklefinger – tasked with the challenge of putting her audience to sleep… her piano has other ideas and chaos and madness ensues – captivating grandparents through to pre-schoolers.

A delicious mix of wonderful music, masterful performances and mad-cap hilarity… there was definitely NO sleeping had by any of us 🙂

The first four performances have sold out – so jump too as this far too short a run concludes this Sunday.  Click here to book online.  Tickets $19.

Watch out – this production is sure to be travelling around Australia, and if it’s creators have any say the rest of the world!