Tape Melbourne weaves a glorious web

If you have passed by Fed Square this week you might have noticed a huge web like structure taking form on the Flinders Street side.  It was fully completed yesterday – and is now open to the public to climb inside and explore!  There was no encouragement needed for us to accept this invitation – the kids hauled off their shoes and impatiently waited for the people ahead of us to hurry up and get out so we could have our turn.

The Tape Melbourne is constructed entirely from packing tape.  Such installations have taken place before – but this is the first time outside of Europe, and only the 8th time.

Only two people are allowed inside at a time (2 kids = 1 adult, so it was possible for the kids and I to all go together).  Children must attend with an adult.  And no sharp objects can be taken in (or hand bags, coats etc).  There are tubs supplied to store your clothes and bags in and a couple of attendants managing the entrance – so it’s relatively safe, but leave at your own risk.  You can take photo’s provided your phone hasn’t got sharp edges…

Open from 11am – 5pm daily until Friday 23 September