Moomba 2016

Moomba 2016

The Moomba Festival is a wonderful Melbourne institution.  Water skiing, live music, rides, amusements and more.  Set along the banks of the Yarra and FREE to attend.

When: 11-14 March, Friday – Sunday 11am – 11pm, Monday 9.30am – 9.45pm

Where:  Alexandra Gardens and Birrarung Marr MELBOURNE

Cost: FREE

Being in the heart of the city it’s so easy to catch public transport or ride a bike down to Moomba – and spread over four days you’re able to come as many times as you like.  When the kids were younger we would make a few trips, because there is quite a lot to do and see and sometimes the noise and crowds can be overwhelming, so it’s nice to spread it out.

Highlights you should factor into your visit:

  • The international water skiing championships: daily
  • Live performances on the main stage in Alexandra Gardens: daily
  • Evening fireworks display: Saturday – Monday at 9.30pm
  • Skate, Scooter and BMX championships (and clinics): Saturday Skate, Sunday Scooter, Monday BMX, click here for schedule
  • Moomba Parade: Monday 10.30am beginning at the Shrine of Remembrance, click here for details
  • The Kids Zone has loads of FREE activities and entertainment to check out.  Located in Alexandra Gardens and on daily from 11am-7pm, click here for details.
  • The Birdman Rally takes place on Sunday at 12 midday.

We went along on Friday evening and got loads of water skiing action, live music, rides and amusements.  We had a few snacks (but couldn’t for the life of us find an ice-cream anywhere – and we walked over every inch of the place so I’m not sure if maybe on Friday there were just no ice-cream vendors or if this is a planning oversight of the event team?!) some of our food we took with us from home and then we supplemented with one of those potato sticks, yummm.

Friday night is by far the quietest night of the Festival – we got down there quite early (about 4pm) and watched water skiing and explored for the first hour.  The rides and amusements were operational by 5pm and most of the food vendors were also serving food by then too (although to be fair most were already open when we arrived at 4pm).  We could also hear the music on the main stage when we arrived at 4pm (we started on the Birrarung Marr side first).

By 6.30pm we were pretty tired and had spent all our money (and was it just me or did the day get hot all of a sudden) so we made tracks for home.  But that’s okay, there are still three more days to return and maybe have some fun in the Kids Zone and watch the fireworks!

Are you going to Moomba this year?Moomba 2016